all images Fiona Bowie 2009

Diegesis, Images, Editing, Photography, Photography Post: Fiona Bowie

System design: Sidney Fels, Fiona Bowie

Coding: Morgan Hibbert, Sidney Fels, Fiona Bowie and Alex Low

Character/ landscape concept, Website concept: Fiona Bowie

Phrases: Fiona Bowie, The Residents , The New Pornographers , Spores, Slickerslacker, and

Fiona's assistant, blue screen extraction, tagging: Alex Low

Live shadow execution and live shadow cam: Sidney Fels, Morgan Hibbert, Fiona Bowie, Colin Griffiths
Shadow concept and initial daily flow concept: Fiona Bowie, Sidney Fels, with Rebecca Belmore (see below)
Installation specialist and technical consultant: Colin Griffiths

Consultant at collaborative meeting: Rebecca Belmore
Set assistants: Alex Low, Kristen Davis
Copy/text editing: Lindsay Brown
Project Manager: Fiona Bowie

Flow volunteers:
Hannah Bieze, Rob Ochiena, Ian Wojtowicz, Danielle Baylis, Kelly Price and Lyn Yen.

Thanks to our wonderful contacts at the City of Vancouver: Melanie Marchand, Barbara Cole, Brian Newson, Alix Sales
and at Busby, Perkins and Will: David Dove (1 Kingsway Architect) and Danielle Pepin