all images © Fiona Bowie 2009

Project background

December 2004

Fiona Bowie has submitted a proposal to the 1 Kingsway public art competition.

after initial rounds of shortlisting, Fiona has invited Rebecca Belmore and engineering scientist Sidney Fels to join her in the bid.
(Rebecca Belmore had to withdraw due to mounting commitments)

May 2005

Office of Cultural Affairs, City of Vancouver Web Site Announcement.

Competition Results Announced
Mount Pleasant Civic Centre 1 Kingsway
"Artist Fiona Bowie with Rebecca Belmore and Sidney Fels were recently awarded a public art commission for an electronic media project to be integrated into the architecture of the Mount Pleasant Civic Centre at 1 Kingsway. Three local artist teams were short-listed by a Selection Panel to develop proposals for the commission. The selected Bowie, Belmore, Fels team will bring a high level of collective artistic and technical expertise to realizing their project entitled, Flow."

"Flow will conflate past and present through a dynamic blending of projected imagery onto shifting architectural surfaces and landscapes. The flow of cyclical, social and natural rhythms will be represented in an ever-changing visual tableau."
"The Mount Pleasant Civic Centre is scheduled for completion in June of 2007. The Centre will house the Mount Pleasant Branch Library,Mount Pleasant Community Centre, day-care facility, market rental housing, and a café. "


Fiona Bowie begins shooting portraits against blue screen and landscapes in and around the Mount Pleasant area.
archival images researched and collected.


Fiona continues shooting, developing concept etc.

Fiona and Alex begin post production while continuing to shoot.
Alex's primary tasks involve blue screen extraction and tagging of images for proprietary code.
Fiona meets with Sidney Fels, Morgan Hibbert and Alex Low to discuss coding to concept.
Shadow Cam built by Sidney Fels in ECE Lab.
Sidney and Morgan begin work on switch glass and software integration
Fiona in discussion with The Residents, The New Pornographers, Spores and others about including lyrical content in some of the landscapes.


Fiona continues shooting, developing concept etc.

Building opening delayed.
Sidney and Morgan work on switch glass and software integration
first runs of code in Beta.


Fiona continues shooting, post continues.
Alex, Morgan and Fiona work on refinement of imagery coding, flow, content and probabilities
projector tests
Building opening delayed.


Fiona continues shooting, post continues.
Building opening delayed.
second runs of code in Beta 2, Morgan and Fiona work on refinement of imagery flow/ content / probabilities
online tests of imagery to code
Opening of installation scheduled for December 10th, 2009.